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  • Le Textile en Algérie
  • Le Textile en Algérie


Southern Mediterranean country, a gateway to Africa and the center of the Maghreb. The largest country on the continent, from the Mediterranean basin and also the largest in the Arab world. With an area of 2,381,741 km². A demography of 41.2 million inhabitants in 2017 with a natural growth rate of 2,9% and a 24.3% active population of young people. Algeria has the highest GDP per inhabitant in North Africa (14 687,39 USD in purchasing power parity). The wealth of the Algerian sub-soil (oil and especially gas: 4th world exporter) generates 95% of export earnings (58.3 billion USD in 2014) and 60% of budgetary revenues.

Moreover, the decrease in hydrocarbon prices that began in the second half of 2014 negatively impacted Algeria's external balance and urged the authorities to introduce new policies; diversification of the economy, modernization of the infrastructure and measures to encourage private investment, efforts have been made to open the Algerian economy to the international market.

The importance of the of the textile- clothing sector revival, this subsidiary of second position after the Agro-food sector, in relation to its importance and strong local consumption, nevertheless represents enormous potentialities, It is necessary to make use of new guidelines, such as the recovery of the national market, facilitation and investment benefits granting, and collaboration with foreigners in this field.

The Textile-Clothing Market is currently 94% invaded by imports!

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