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  • Le Textile en Algérie
  • Le Textile en Algérie
  • Le Textile en Algérie

Textile in Algeria

The Textile and Clothing market in Algeria represents about 500 million linear meters, the needs are around 150 million items annually, while the national sector covers only 6% of these needs and the rest is invaded at 94 % by import. According to statisticians, the sector is growing by 11.1% in 2015 after falling by -0.3% in 2014.

Contracts of Algerian-Turkish partnerships were signed at Relizane. This project aims to become the first Textile production site in the Mediterranean area on an area of more than 1500 Hectares. In addition, five partnership contracts in the Textile sector will be signed between the public and private companies made by the Minister of Industry and Mines. He argued that the participation of foreign partners, holders of knowledge and technology, is necessary to regain the national market which has become very demanding.

However, the Textile sector has enormous potentialities that must be exploited to revitalize this sector, regain the internal market and take advantage of its Mediterranean position, the unused space and the young active workforce.

The Textile sector is a strategic subsidiary with a strong future, with a powerful potential to reach a total of 2 billion euro of Textile and Clothing exports by 2022 according to statistics and plans proposed by the experts in the sector.

Algeria & Textile
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