Textile and Leather in Algeria

Algerian textile and leather companies, which still resist the multiple constraints linked to the effects of massive imports, hold less than 10% of the Algerian market, the textile and clothing subsidiary which is in second position after the Agri-food sector , with respect to its importance and strong local consumption and whose needs are in the order of 150 million items annually while the national sector covers only 4% of these needs, and the rest is invaded at 94% by import.

Following efforts by the state to revitalize these sectors, we note that the textile, knitwear and garment industries have climbed by nearly 12%.

The Textile sector is a promising strategic sector that has strong assets, which makes it possible to achieve a workforce of 2 billion Euros Textile-Clothing export by 2022 according to the statistics and plans of actions proposed by industry experts....

Just like leather, hundreds of Algerian factories specialize in the production and processing of leather with a production capacity of 9 million square feet of bovine leather / year, which offers services for the outsourcing of bovine skins and goats at any stage of manufacturing and at unbeatable prices. These industries grew 4.2% in the first quarter of 2016 with an increase of 6.5%.

For the leather and footwear industry, Algeria intends to achieve a "strong partnership" under the 51-49% rule with foreign companies, especially Italian or Turkish companies, for the transfer of technology and expertise in this industrial branch, in order to be able to rebound in the domestic market, where the demand for quality products is strong. Focusing on training that will benefit 200 million DZD.

Algerian economic operators are looking for ways to revive its sectors which are rich niches and which can make big money for Algeria in terms of export and investment.

Please download the pdf file below for more information on the statistics of the sectors of Textile and Leather of the year 2019 in Algeria.